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By admin January 3, 2021

Our customers come from all walks of life, cultures, backgrounds, and ages. Thailand is an excellent place to find peace, both mentally and spiritually. We tackle the physical, mental, psychological, social, and religious facets of recovery. The Cabin Chiang Mai.

If you or someone you know needs help overcoming addiction, IBH provides the knowledge, values, and abilities to handle life appropriately without using alcohol or drugs. Licensed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health, treatment can be obtained for alcohol, drug and process addictions. IBH helps reconnect families and helps addicts develop a life of sobriety. Situated in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand it is possible to connect a domestic flight from Bangkok or fly direct from a number of Asia’s transport hubs.

Fall Reflections Newsletter. All rooms are single occupancy with a 28 day treatment episode costing $15,000. You can watch the Fall 2020 issue of our Reflections book here. … [continue reading] The Cabin takes insurance from leading health care providers. Outpatient Services. The River Rehab. Transitioning from residential treatment back into the community does not have to be accomplished independently. Comprehensive addiction treatment programs combine cutting-edge methods with alternative therapies to provide a truly distinctive approach to recovery.

To better serve your restoration needs following discharge, IBH… [continue reading] Treatment is based on the CBT-Steps methodology which unites anti inflammatory and somatic therapies as part of a holistic treatment program with a three-phase system for treating addictions and dual diagnosis. 50th Anniversary Gala. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness practices and components of 12-Step programs all form a portion of the economical treatment option. NEXT YEAR. Price: $10,000 to get 28 days of comprehensive residential care. The ‘Better Remedy at Better Price’ coverage implies pricing is customized based on the distinctive needs of every customer as well as the required services. Stroke Rehabilitation Center.

The Dawn Medical Rehab. Whenever possible, the American Stroke Association strongly recommends that patients with a stroke identification be treated in an inpatient rehab facility as opposed to a skilled nursing center. The Dawn Medical Rehab and Wellness Center is one of Asia’s leading addiction treatment centers set within a quiet and tranquil sanctuary. If you choose us you are picking safe care. Comprehensive treatment programs are offered for substance misuse and mental health ailments utilizing a proven Twin Pillars approach as part of a holistic inpatient program. High-quality safe patient care has always been our priority and we continue to be extraordinarily vigilant with all our disease prevention measures.

Price: $12,000 to get 28 days of home care with pro rata refund policy when a customer chooses to leave within the first seven days. Retrieval Program Inpatient Care. Miracles Asia. At an inpatient rehab center, a patient participates in three or more hours of rehab five days per week, such drug alcohol treatment center as physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Miracles Asia is your ‘The Little Rehab where Big Things Happen’ located in Phuket, Thailand. This is more than any skilled nursing facility or other level of care. A boutique addiction treatment and mental wellness centre that considers a ‘one size does not fit all’ approach provides the ideal treatment outcomes.

Nurses are continuously available and physicians typically go to daily. Recovery in luxury environment can be acquired for substance abuse and behavioral disorders including gaming and sex/love addictions. Read the entire Press Release for your Guidelines for Adult Stroke Rehab. Specialized treatment programs are also provided for PTSD & Trauma, Stress, Depression, Chronic Stress, and Executive Burnout. Our Stroke Recovery Program is designed to provide comprehensive acute inpatient rehabilitation services and medical management to meet the requirements of those who have experienced a stroke and their families. Miracles Asia Rehab Thailand is partnered with world class hospitals for evaluations and detoxes.

We firmly feel our patients deserve top quality, compassionate care. Clients also have exclusive access to Asia’s leading sports and gym equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Besides our overall hospital certification by the Joint Commission and The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital has earned Disease-Specific Care Certification at Stroke and Brain Injury rehab.